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Second Look

More Lender Options.
More Approvals.

Get a second look for lower credit ratings within our extensive network

CUDL Second Look

A lower credit score doesn’t have to kill a deal or squash a customer’s hope of purchasing their dream car. With Second Look you can fund more loans for credit scores under 640 with automatic opt-in, free access to non-prime-lenders and automated approvals in under 60 seconds.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Submit an application to a CUDL credit union partner*
  2. If the credit score is under 640 and not automatically approved, the application will be resubmitted for a second review, automatically
  3. You receive a financing decision in about a minute

*Seller credit score and model criteria must be included.


Say “Hello” to the new CUDL Brand

For more than 25 years, the CUDL brand has been a driving force in helping dealerships close more deals. And now, we’re excited to share the NEW CUDL brand— rooted in a customer-first philosophy. Head to our website now to experience the new look…

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