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About CUDL

CUDL brings a more human(e) approach to automotive financing by focusing on a customer-first experience through the nation’s largest network of credit union lenders and in-market car shoppers.

CUDL enables dealerships to meet the needs of their customers by transforming the entire car shopping, buying, and financing experience. From AutoSMART—a digital retail platform that connects customers to the car of their dreams—to the CUDL platform and lender network, providing car buyers with the better financing options credit unions deliver.

Through the CUDL network, connecting with credit union financing is a simple and seamless experience for dealerships and customers. It’s old-school humanity perfectly paired with new-school technology to optimize the vehicle financing and buying journey.

Better financing. Better services. Better partnerships. 


Say “Hello” to the new CUDL Brand

For more than 25 years, the CUDL brand has been a driving force in helping dealerships close more deals. And now, we’re excited to share the NEW CUDL brand— rooted in a customer-first philosophy. Head to our website now to experience the new look…

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